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Licensing Your Dog:

        You are required to license your dog in Douglas County after it is Four (4) months of age.  As soon as your pet has been vaccinated against rabies, you may obtain a dog tag.  The purpose of this is rabies control for Douglas County.  This tag also serves as a great identification tag.  It is entered into a computer that can be accessed by Animal Control and the Douglas County Sheriff's Department.  Dog licenses can be obtained at the following locations:


Douglas County Animal Shelter           Pinenut Road, Gardnerville                     782-9061

Minden Inn/Clerk's Office                   1594 Esmeralda Ave, Minden                 782-9012

Lake Tahoe Administration Bldg          175 Hwy 50, Stateline, NV                      586-7226

North Valley Sheriff's Sub-Station       Sunridge Drive & Jack's Valley Rd        267-3691

Tillman Sheriff's Sub-Station                Gorman's Center                                      265-7090    

South County Sheriff's Sub-Station      Albite Road, Topaz Ranch Estates          266-1028


The cost of licensing your dog is:

Spay/Neutered                 Initial:   $6.00         Early Renewal:  $4.00

Natural                                          $24.00                                  $20.00


        Please contact the Douglas County Animal Shelter at 782-9061 if you have any questions or need more information